March 2012  

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Literally Feasting  
02:34pm 03/20/2012
Endless Jackie
Helloooo! I'm in FoCoooo!

I'll have a full report one of these days, but for now you should all know that I love it. I love my neighborhood and I love my pretty little sky-lair. I have no Internet at home - I go to the library, which is actually PERFECT for me. Honestly? Having to put on a skirt and go for a walk anytime I want to use a computer is a really healthy thing for me. So is the daily 2 hour limit, which is still a lot but you know it'd be much worse if I was moderating myself because YOU KNOW ME! So yeah, I can get online "enough" but not "constantly", and it has improved the hell out of my life. Hooray.

Anyway, I just wanted to invite you all over for delicious Butter Braids! I have a lot of them, you see. A big ole pile of $12 pastries in my freezer that I didn't even pay for! Let me explain, like I explained elsewhere:

"Basically, there's this angry girl who hemmorhages money, and she is my little sister's sworn enemy. She bought a bunch of Butter Braids to have a fundraiser, only nobody bought them, so she got mad and was just going to throw them out! Roxie of all people got them somehow and has been sharing the wealth, and that's the story of why I lugged a garbage bag full of incredibly heavy pastries across Fort Collins last night."

They are SO heavy. But yes, everyone, come over and have a Butter Braid! Feast with me, the Zagar way:

upon the bad financial investments of our enemies!!!
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In 24 Hours, I'll Be In Fort Collins  
09:13pm 02/28/2012
Endless Jackie
Well, I'm pretty sure I saw more of my friends in the last week than I had in the last year! So thaaaat was funnnn. But hang-out times are over, because I leave tomorrow and sign my lease on Thursday! And...that is.........

Yeah, I'm in pure panic mode now. When I get up there, I HAVE to get a job. What if I can't find one? What if my lifelong streak of always getting work immediately whenever I want it...craps out?? I don't typically live in that state of mind, but recently, wow. If I even FIND a job, what if I still can't pay the bills? What then? It's happened before! Sure, back in those days my money management was..."flawed". But debt was traumatic and though I managed to dig myself out, I, I, I just don't want it to happen againnnnn

But I calmed myself down with numbers!
So, let's assume I find a job with about 30 hours a week. That's realistic, because (a) people aren't hiring full-time and (b) I don't like to work. 30 hours. Now, I need to make $9.50 an hour - which is way below what I've earned in the past, but again, sadly, it's realistic for These Difficult Times. (Actually, it's more than I got at CHEFS. sigh) For 30 hrs/wk at 9.5/hr, I should have ~$1000/mo after taxes. If I'm careful, that can pay for my rent, utilities, truck, food and even a few miscellaneous things. I have to have cheap hobbies and not get sick! Good thing I'm robust as hell and have been into cooking lately. :D

If I work that much, at that wage, I can do it! I CAN...SCRAPE BY

I'd prefer to do better than that, but...y'know. These Difficult Times and all. So there you have it, my motto for 2012:


Now it's time to get off the computer and finish packing everything. Some people say a man is made out of mud, the poor man's made of muscle and blood...
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Six Days  
12:34am 02/24/2012
Endless Jackie
Well! Moving Day draws ever nearer. So much packing, still so much more to pack. At least I'm doing better than that one time, when I threw like 55% of my stuff into the back of my pickup at the last possible second and abandoned the rest. So there's that! But yeah, I've been busy packing like a real grownup...

...and my resumes are updated
...and the moving truck's ree-sarved
...and the utilities are set to transfer on March 1st
...and I'm fixing up my furniture
...and donating everything I can
...and I've started to round up my friends for One Last Hangout
(Speaking of that, dear dr_holiday_3000, thank you for the shawarma it was goddamn delicious)

...and now
I'm beginning
to REALLY freak out

(By the way, if you didn't know, there's gonna be a thing at Fargo's on Saturday night. Starts at seven, and when they close at nine we'll meander up Circle to the bowling alley. Probably! Maybe not! Maybe we'll do laser tag! Oh my god that sounds like SO MUCH FUN)
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(no subject)  
08:52pm 02/15/2012
Endless Jackie
So, yesterday was tank-top weather! I mean, I was still pretty chilly in my tank-top. But not in a life-threatening way, so, cool! I was a little bored and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine, so I went to Garden of the Gods and climbed up a rock. Like ya do. Here is a bad -but large!- cellphone pic of the view:

In HereCollapse )
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Shark Problem  
10:29am 02/14/2012
Endless Jackie
You guys, I used to have the best poster of a shark. It was nothing fancy, just a big ole shark coming to kill you! It was black and blue and it glowed in the dark. I stole it from a school library, either Horace Mann or Vera Scott, I don't know, I was a child and the details are lost to the ages. ANYWAY, I brought that poster to Seattle and I thought I brought it back. But now I'm going through my stuff and I can't find it anywhere! And that is terrible, because if there's one thing I want in my new bathroom it's that damn shark.

Did any Seattleites end up with my poster, somehow? Or, can anyone recommend an especially nice shark photo? Please advise, shark enthusiasts!

(Huh, I wonder if I could find a shark-enthusiast...thing...and ask them. I bet one exists, AND I bet they could find my poster. Buttt do I REALLY want to go down that rabbit hole. No, I don't.)
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10:41pm 02/08/2012
Endless Jackie
Well, as of this morning I have a place in Fort Collins! Here are some fantastic things about it:

♥ It's a private 1-bedroom apartment. In other words, it's MINE ALL MINE NO SHARING A KITCHEN NO SHARING A BATHROOM IT IS 100% JUST FO' ME AHAHAHAHAH
♥ And it's a real apartment! Not a hole in the ground!!
♥ Would you believe I'm only paying $100/mo more for this place than I was for the hole in the ground? Six years ago?
♥ This place actually should cost about $150/mo more than it does, but I'm taking over a lease someone originally signed several years ago. Their evicted-on-a-technicality is my gain!
♥ Its two huge windows face the mountains, of which I have an unobstructed view because I'm on the top floor. I'm like Sara Crewe surveying Victorian London from her attic! I hope I get to hang with Melchisedec and Ram Dass :D
♥ The public library is right across the street! I wasn't planning on having personal Internet access anyway, and now there's absolutely no reason. IF I get my computer fixed, it will be just be that square thing that plays the Sims and Fleetwood Mac.
♥ In fact, EVERYTHING that matters is across the street, or down the road, or two blocks away. Just LOOK at this walk-score - 97/100! Why, my hole in the ground was only 94/100.
♥ My god, I can WALK to Beau-Jo's Pizza! It's all I ever wanted in this life. It's all ANY Coloradan ever wanted in this life.

That was my short brag-list, sadly...what can I say, I feel really happy and lucky right now and when I feel really happy and lucky I GOTTA BRAG

I can't wait to be back in the middle of things! It was fun the first time around, and this time will be WAY better because I'm older and more competent and better at conserving resources and also braver. I'm gonna get myself out there, and make friends accidentally with whoever happens to be around. It's so nice to do things that way. March 1st, come quickly!

(but not too quickly, I've gotta pack everything and I am a sloooowpoooke)
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2 reasons I am glad I was raised by the parents I was raised by  
10:31pm 01/20/2012
Endless Jackie
It's my mom's birthday (she's 58 HOLY SHIT), so here are 2 reasons I like her (and my dad):

1. I found out about the new Lego For Girls, ick, and when I passed it on to my parents they chorused as one:
I didn't even go into how you can choose to run a cupcake cafe OR be a horse doctor! All I had to say was "Lego for girls" and they'd heard enough to know they hated it. The disgust was so immediate, it came so naturally. It was BEAUTIFUL.

2. So my mom and I were at this place with a trivia question, right? This was the (really dumb) question:
Martin Luther King is notoriously known for what famous speech?
I saw that and was like "Uh, NOTORIOUSLY? I mean this IS a conservative area and all but uh, um, uh, I'm going to assume they didn't exactly understand the connotations of 'notorious' and were looking for a synonym of 'famous' and didn't quite nail it, okay, that's my headcanon, these people didn't seriously write 'notorious' and MEAN 'notorious' because that would be shitty and I don't want to believe these people are shitty"
But when my mom saw it, she got got this horrified look on her face, mouthed "NOTORIOUSLY?!" to me...and then she just shuffled up and erased it. The witnesses gave her a weird look, but she was just like "'notoriously', FUCK THAT". I mean, she didn't say that out loud, with her voice. She wouldn't DREAM of swearing in public! But with her eyes? "FUCK THAT" for sure!!

My mom has three siblings and my dad has six. I know the other nine families, okay? I KNOW how it could have been. I'm so glad the most free-thinking person (with the best sense of humor) from each of those groups found each other. I would've been me no matter who raised me, but it could've been so much harder to be the generally happy, stable, comfortable-with-being-me me that I've always been. Thanks for being my parents, parents! ♥
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2011: Year In Review  
05:35pm 01/15/2012
Endless Jackie
Hi, hello, Happy New Year! On January 15th, yikes.

Since my last entry I have had a Thanksgiving, and a Christmas, and I turned twenty-seven HOLY CRAP. But most importantly: I made marshmallows with my bare hands. Did you even know humans can DO that? P.S., they were fantastic. I'll talk more about my recent cooking adventchas when I do a catchup entry. Which should be soon, now that my job has FINALLY calmed down a little! But today, I'm doing my annual Year In Review survey. And it is waaaaay late, but better late thagdofdgaod

So, for the ninth time...

01. What did you do in 2011 that you'd never done before?
This is hard to answer without qualifiers! Before 2011, I've been in a few bridal parties (but not for non-family members), I've taken a few trains (but not ALL the way cross-country), I've swum in a few mountain lakes (but not at night).
I was going to say "I visited my favorite-place-I've-never-been, the South", but I went to Texas last year and I think that counts? As the South? Or is that horribly offensive, like saying Colorado is in the Midwest is HORRIBLY OFFENSIVE, DARIEN
Then I was gonna say "I quit a job without giving two weeks' notice", but I remembered the two days I worked at Shari's.
OH HEY, I KNOW WHAT. I saw fireflies!! In real life!! It seriously was the first time. Fireflies don't live west of the Mississippi, and I rarely go east of it!
I also went to New Orleans alone and that was Pretty Exciting. I ate gumbo until I literally threw up, and I then got one more bowl to go. Valerie, at least, was so proud.

So There's ThatCollapse )

The previous surveys:


What can I say, it was one of those years. There were some good times, I took some important steps, but overall it was a kinda boring, kinda depressing, less-than-outstanding year. Maybe I'm simplifying things to create a pattern, I probably am, but it seems like I get a bad one every three years. 2002, 2005 and 2008 all sucked! But here's the good news: 2003, 2006 and 2009 were all rather nice! So, that's what I'm looking forward to in 2012: a quietly happy year. Hooray!
(As for 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010? They were GODDAMN FANTASTIC, but never mind that for now)
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